Store Review: ARITZIA

aritziaAs a young and unemployed teenager, passing the window display at the local Aritzia was life changing. It seemed that every outfit was flattering, stylish, and also very sophisticated for a store designed for younger girls (it was also way out of your means). When a girlfriend would come to school in a new outfit, 9/10 the most coveted piece was from Aritzia. I would save my money, or on occasion beg my mom, to buy one top, or a new sweater from the coolest new store in the mall. Now that I have a job and I can actually fit their clothing in more than just size xs, Aritzia is a place that my bank account loathes, and my closet loves. The clothing in the store speak to a young woman who is sure of her image and has a unique style. A fresh girl who takes fashion risks and has a more heightened sense of style without completely emptying out her bank account every time she visits the store. (I say completely but its almost always nearly). They have a huge range of designers and brands, some of my favourites being WilfredRag and Bone, and Community. Lots of their clothing have a more boyish cut which can be stylish and really comfy. With their endless range of designers and brands, from lower more affordable (but still stylish), to more higher priced and beautiful fabrics, Aritzia is a place where you can sophisticate your wardrobe and expand your fashion boundaries.

Here are the links to some of my recent purchases and favourite pieces:

Light washed Denim shorts:

Wilfred Montesson Jacket:

Community Vulso t-shirt:

Talula Lechuza Pant:

Talula Bralette:


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