Buying Makeup! Tips and Tricks

If you are new to the beauty industry or you are a teenager just figuring out makeup, buying makeup or products can be super intimidating (it can still be intimidating if you’re a pro!). I wanted to write a post about a few tips and tricks about buying makeup and skincare that I have learned over the past few years of really getting into makeup. Hope you enjoy!

  1. SAMPLES!! I cannot stress this enough! Stores like Sephora offer samples of almost all their products (aside from lip products). That way you can test out the foundation you’ve been coveting or that new moisturizer you’ve been wanting to try! Their sample sizes are also very generous so you can test the product out for a long time. This way you can test to see if you like the products before you commit to buying them!



2. REVIEWS! The beauty world has blown up on the internet. There are millions of beauty review videos on youtube and so many people post reviews on the products website. Listen to them (unless you really want to try that product). There are people doing “first impression videos” and blog posts made just for reviewing products. They will tell you everything they like and dislike about the product and they’ll let you know if it is worth your time and money. Do a little digging before you splurge on makeup.

3. If you are just starting out with makeup (if you are in your early teens) try and stick to buying NEUTRALS and stay away from heavy foundation and dark eye makeup. I know everyone is telling you this now, but you are young and don’t need to hide your beautiful pre-acne skin with a bunch of makeup. I’d suggest getting something like a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer (with SPF). For your eyes, just some mascara and some neutral eye shadows are always lovely. Also lip gloss can be amazing if you are busy with school or just want to freshen up.

4. If you are on a BUDGET, check out dupes! Dupes are less expensive versions of a higher end product, that work practically the same (aka, they are lifesavers). Again, there are a ton of videos and reviews of people who have found cheaper alternatives to their favourite beauty products. The drugstore has some amazing products.

5. RETURNS! Sephora lets you return makeup for store credit! (just check the return policy on your receipt or ask a store clerk.)

6. BUY SENSIBLY! If you are out makeup shopping and see a beautiful pallet and are immediately mesmerized (as we all are), stop before buying and ask yourself, “am I really going to use all the shades in this pallet?” “is it really worth the money?” “how good is the quality of the eyeshadows?”. Sometimes you just need that pallet with the craziest shades that are amazing for parties or new years, but majority of the time stick with colours you will actually use or the pallet will just sit and collect dust.

There you have it! This is usually the process in my mind before buying an investment makeup item or if I’ve been eyeing something up for a while. I hope this is helpful for some people! If there are any products you guys want me to review or anything you want me to talk about, comment below and I’ll try my best! Have a great week everyone 🙂

xoxo K









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