Brand Review: Origins Skin Care

Hello everyone! Hope everybody is enjoying the gorgeous weather as we approach summer!!!! I have a slight addiction when it comes to skin care and I would love to share the love of beautiful skin with you all.  As I am a student, I cannot go around buying the entire range of every brand…..but if there is a brand you’d like an opinion on or if you have any questions please ask me :)! Here is my first “Brand Review” post on one of my favourite skin care brands: ORIGINS.

Origins is a skincare brand that prides themselves on being natural and effective. Sold in Sephora, the UK, and other special department stores, they are a bit more on the higher-end side of the price range, but it is totally worth it. I will be focusing on three products today. Their Active Charcoal Mask, Over-night hydrating mask, and their Checks and Balance Cleanser.

Origins Checks and Balance Cleanser:


This cleanser is my favourite all around cleanser. It is good at removing makeup (although I still like to use a cleansing oil/makeup remover before), it makes my skin feel super clean, and the fresh minty smell is so nice to use. I really love using it since it foams up so nicely , it really makes me feel like I’m cleaning my skin.

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask:


This mask is truly my lifesaver. If there is ever a time when my skin is feeling extra congested or I want to feel extra clean, I reach for this mask. I begin with cleansing my face, then leaving it damp and applying the mask to my T-zone (as this is my trouble area). I wait for the mask to dry, then remove with a warm damp face cloth. I’d recommend using a good moisturizer after since this mask can be a little drying. This mask specifically targets black heads, but it generally makes you feel extra clean!

Origins Drink-Up* Over-Night Hydrating Mask:



This mask is AMAZING! If you have dry skin (like me) this mask is so lovely to use once or twice a week or if you’re feeling particularly dry one day. First of all the smell is insane, it smells like mangoes! I like to use it after the charcoal mask and you just sleep with it on! A little bit goes a long way so the product lasts for a long time. I use this predominantly in the winter but it is lovely in the summer as well 🙂

Thank you all so much for visiting my blog! Make sure to comment anything you’d like me to review or talk about. I really love origins products (all of them) since they use mostly natural ingredients and they actually work. Let me know if you try any of them!

xo K




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