Brand Review: Kiehl’s

Hello all you beautiful people! I have been having quite a rough time with my skin recently and have been on the hunt for products that will improve my situation. Ever since my early teens, skincare has always been a general interest and I would even say “passion” for me. I love testing out products and seeing how different ingredients effect my skin (good and sometimes bad). Kiehl’s has always stood out to me as a skincare brand as it is unique in its products, ingredients, and branding. It is not overly expensive and their products actually work so I know my money is not going to waste. So here are a few Kiehl’s bits and pieces I have bought recently and some that I have loved for a long time!

For a super deep clean, I really love the Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash. It is really good at removing my makeup and foams up really nicely. I also enjoy using the Ultra-Facial Oil Free Cleanser after removing my makeup with a cleaning balm/oil. It makes my skin feel super clean.

I brought the Ultra Facial Cleanser to Europe with me and it was a lovely, light-weight cleanser for everyday use. Definitely for more sensitive skin and not for removing makeup!

After using a cleanser and taking my makeup off I love to use the Ultra Facial Toner. It is unlike any toner I have used before! It is slightly creamy and a lot gentler. Although it still does a good job at deep cleansing. It is comforting knowing that this toner isn’t completely made of harsh acids and chemicals that damage my skin’s moisture level but still works.





If I don’t want to tone my skin but I want an extra deep cleanse, once or twice a week I’ll use the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. This masque is seriously good. Face masques are an amazing way to pamper yourself or just give your skin a really deep cleanse. Most of the time I find that they just tingle my skin then leave me super dry. This masque is different. I can feel it working when it is on my skin, but it isn’t uncomfortable. It is super easy to wash off with a warm face-cloth and my skin actually feels super clean, pores look smaller/cleaner, and my skin doesn’t feel crazy dry. It is creamy and all around nice to use.


I definitely couldn’t do a Kiehl’s post without mentioning an old classic and favourite, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I usually apply this facial oil after the masque or after cleansing my face at night time. I wake up with a more hydrated and nourished complection, I love this stuff. It also smells really good and relaxing which is nice before bedtime.

After my long and complex skin routine, whether it be Kiehl’s products or not, the Ultra Facial Cream is one of my favourite moisturizers. It is a really good moisturizer for dry-normal skin. It is light enough for summer but it was moisturizing enough for when my skin was extra dry in the winter months.

All in all Kiehl’s products are definitely some of my favourite to use and try out. I love this brand!

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