Mini Makeup Haul/First Impressions

Hello everyone! I picked up a couple things this week and I thought they were worth sharing with you guys. If you want more detailed reviews on any of these products stay tuned for future blog posts!



Recently MAC launched an amazing brow-targeted line of powders, pencils, and gels! It is a huge collection and I highly recommend checking it out. I just bought the MAC Brow Set Gel in “clear”. Although MAC has tinted gels as well I feel like I have more control with the clear gel. So far I really love it! It makes a huge difference to the shape of my brows, they are more defined and polished, but not crunchy like with other brow gels. I will keep you guys updated.


BITE has been one of my favourite lip products brands since I became interested in makeup. They use natural ingredients and have really amazing quality products. I grabbed their Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in “strawberry”. I thought this would be a great summer gloss. It smells really nice but is more opaque than I usually go for so we’ll have to see with this one.


I have only heard good things about the TARTE CC undereye corrector from the blogger Amelia Liana so I had to try it. Its a creamy salmony/beige concealer and so far it does a good job at hiding my dark undereyes.


TARTE also released a new mascara, Tarteist Lash Paint, recently and I really wanted to try it. The packaging is gorgeous and initially, I found it does a good job at giving lots of volume. Also it is super black which I love. I will keep you posted!

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