June 2016 Non-Beauty Favourites!



Hello everyone I hope you are doing well! Besides loving all the new beauty things that are happening this month, I have also been loving a few non-beauty items/activities and I thought I would share the love.

Firstly, I have been feeling very dehydrated the past few weeks so in order to encourage myself to drink more water, I have been infusing fruits and mint into my water. Honestly, i don’t mind drinking plain water, I think it is delicious. Infusing fruits into  water is just a way to switch up my routine and is a great substitute for  sugary juices!



This sunscreen though…. I have never found a more light-weight, moisturizing, but doesn’t break you out sunscreen. I bought this while in Strasbourg, France because I had left my neutrogena face sunscreen at home. I LOVE this stuff, the Galderma Daylong ultra sunscreen in SPF25. So for all you Europeans who can get a hold of this amazing stuff please give it a try!



Recently I have loved wearing earrings (I know thats random). I have been reaching for my earring set from Free People. This set is super convenient and so beautiful. It has a good mix of small and large earrings and they all compliment each other.



My last favourite for this month has been the mini-garden that I planted! I have basel, parsley, mint, and tomatoes. Gardening is such a god way to relax and get outside and I feel that it really calms my mind down from a hectic day or week. You also get to eat your finished product!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Ciao, K. xx


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