Battle of the Bronzers

Bronzers are an all around favourite beauty product anytime, anywhere. It seems like with a bit of blending and the right product, anyone can achieve that summer healthy glow during any season. As per request, I wanted to discuss two very popular bronzers and how they compare to each other! Benefit Cosmetic’s infamous Hoola Bronzer vs. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (in medium/deep). Allons-y!



Packaging and Formulation

 Personally I prefer the Too Faced packaging since it is sleeker, “clicks” shut, and also has a huge mirror. Although the depth of Hoola’s pan makes me feel like I lose less product when I swirl my brush around. Hoola also comes with a small brush for contouring which is actually pretty nice.

The blendability and creaminess of these products are very very similar (both amazing). They are matte and look very natural on the face.They are both highly pigmented but I think that Chocolate soleil is a bit more than Hoola. Also a side note, there is 10g of product in Chocolate Soleil vs 8g in Hoola. So for $2.00 extra you get 2g of product. (chocolate soleil also smells like chocolate which is a bonus)


Definitely giving this one to Hoola. As Chocolate Soleil does last a very long time, the product gets a little patchy on my face at the end of the day. Whereas Hoola fades more naturally.


It is hard to tell from the images but when swatched, it is easy to see that Hoola is much more cool toned (better for contouring) compared to Chocolate Soleil. Chocolate Soleil would be my preference for when I want to warm up my entire face where as Hoola is more of my go-to natural contour shade at the moment. I would not recommend Chocolate Soleil in Medium/Deep to those with fairer skin tones, the lighter shade might be less orange for you. Hoola is more versatile for all skin tones. (both these products also look amazing in the crease as a transition colour)



To sum up the comparisons, both these bronzers are amazing products. They have been well loved in my makeup bag for a long time. Chocolate soleil is an essential summer bronzer for me as it compliments a tan while Hoola is great all year round. Before spending your hard earned money on one of these products, check to see if you can get a sample so you can really play around with them and see which one you like better.



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