Perfect Autumn Bag with Longchamp

Autumn is in full swing and as it is for all seasons, we need the perfect bag to carry all of our stuff in. This season I have been loving throwing on a backpack instead of a purse. I feel that a backpack is effortless and cool and a continuation of the trend of this past summer. They are a super easy accessory as they hold tons of things, while staying out of the way of your outfit. Here is my Longchamp  Le Pliage backpack that I bought in Strasbourg when I was travelling this past summer:


Longchamp has a beautiful range of luggage, bags, and clothing that have a very signature classic style. They are all very elegant and functional. This backpack is a nylon canvas bag with a snap closure leather flap. The inside is simple and open with one “secret” pocket. The top of the backpack zips closed and the straps are adjustable. The leather is beautiful and high quality and the nylon makes it durable and practical.



The best thing about this bag is it’s size. It is seriously the perfect size for everyday use. It fits my 13″ macbook pro or it looks good just with my wallet in it. It isn’t so big that it weights down an outfit or looks bulky and it isn’t too small to be useless. Ingeniously, the bag can be folded as small as a notebook. This design comes in an array of Longchamp’s colours that are all beautiful.


Backpacks are cool! Thank you so much for checking out my blog, stay tuned for more posts!


xo, Kristen













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