And God Created NARS.

As a long time lover of all things beauty and fashion, I have always held NARS to a high standard in terms of modernity, quality, and style. Everything from the packaging to Francois Nars himself, the entire brand screams chic. The elegance of holding a NARS compact in your hand gives any beauty fanatic butterflies.

Today I wanted to do a review and a few look inspirations on the NARS “And God Created the Woman” value set. First of all, this set has caught my eye for a very long time but I have recently  justified purchasing it as it will be perfect for the holidays. This would make an amaaazing Christmas or holdiay or birthday or anytime gift for any beauty lover (or for yourself). NARS is definitely one of my favourite makeup brands so lets take a look:



The main feature to this set is the eyeshadow palette. It contains six beautiful shadows with a range of shimmers and mattes. What attracted me to this palette the most was the neutral shadows (what else is new) but the deep browns and blacks are perfect for the impending colder weather. It is so so easy to take these shadows from day to night. The quality of the eyeshadows is the same as the full sized shadows form NARS (as you would expect, since it is $$$$). Sometimes the quality of eyeshadows in smaller sets isn’t as good as the full size, but this isn’t the case. They are all very pigmented and easy to blend, but you definitely need to work a little harder to smoke out the darker black and brown shades.

The packaging is the set is the same as all other NARS products, just as luxurious, but a bit smaller.

All of the matte shades in this palette have a small amount of glitter to them. This initially surprised me because I immediately thought it wouldn’t be as versatile, but blending the shadows out gets rid of a bit of the glitter. Saying this, you can still have a beautiful matte with a hint of glitter, but it’s not enough glitter to make them unusable as crease colours. All the shadows are super long lasting as well. If you have oily lids you’re going to want to set the shadows. I am super impressed with the pigmentation of the black shadow since that is hard to come by. (MAC Carbon is also a good one.)





(top row —bottom row— the flash makes the grey look very brown)

Next comes the NARS Pro-prime eyeshadow base. I have been wanting to try this product out for long time so getting the mini was perfect. To really test it out, I wore the primer and shadows to work for 8 hours then to a party afterwards. They lasted the whole night! No creasing or running down my face. The product is super creamy (almost moisturizing) so I give it a minute to “dry” on my eyelids. It is transparent and the doe-foot applicator makes it really easy to use.



The last thing that comes with the set is an eyeshadow brush. I am always a bit hesitant when a value set comes with an eyeshadow brush because the quality may not be up to par… I was gladly surprised with this one. It is just like the other NARS brushes, just smaller.  Super soft, good for travelling, and blends really well. I use it to do less precise blending as it is a bit big for my crease, just to make sure there are no harsh lines.


I wanted to do a smudgy/worn and very wearable smoky eye with this set, the shadows are just begging to be smudged out!! (please excuse my eyebrows the lighting really washes them out oops)


I used the pro-prime all over the lid and up into the crease. The grey shadow to set it, and then the shimmery brown (middle of bottom row) all over the lid. I then took the black into the crease, flicking it out a bit at the outer corner, and on the lash line and smudged away. I also took the matte dark brow on the outer 1/3 of my lash line. I wanted this to be super comfortable and chic. Using the first shade in the second row, I highlighted my inner corner and brow bone (very subtly).


(sorry omg that brow is a disgrace)


Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! There are so many amazing value sets coming out for the holidays! Which ones are you loving/picking up?? xx, K.


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