2016 Hair Favourites: The Dynamic Duo

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a restful holiday with your loved ones. The cold winter weather has taken quite a toll on my hair and these two products have really helped me out so I thought I’d share them with you! I have thin hair but lot’s of it so using hot tools and the cold weather make it frizzy and fragile. These two products together really help me out:


The Bumble and Bumble Repair cream is a lightweight cream/gel that I apply to my hair wet or dry before blowdrying/using hot tools. I also slap this on after brushing my hair if I feel that it is a bit too frizzy. The scent isn’t to powerful and it absorbs really well into the hair. I use this product all year round, and it is essential in my haircare routine. Everyone needs a good heat protectant and this one is especially good since it contains protein, which is important for the protective layer of your hair.


The second product in my haircare routine is the Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion. This is a thicker cream that I only use on damp hair. It really helps my hair combat frizz and dryness. I also use this product all year round but definitely more religiously in the winter. It has a stronger smell than the BB product but I’m not bothered by it. This product is also great for heat protection and makes my blow dried hair look smooth and healthy.


Thank you for visiting my blog! Happy New year lovelies xoxo, K. 


Products: (and other hair care that I love!)








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