January 2017 Favourites!

Hey everyone I hope the new year has been good to you so far! Its already February and you guys need to know what I’ve been obsessing over in January. There is a wide range of things that I love from this past month so enjoy xx…




My love for FRESH as a brand has grown over the past few months and this product just proves how great this brand is. The FRESH Sugar lip treatment in the colour Rose is so beautiful. You would’t skip moisturizing your face so why would you skip your lips? No body wants dry lips in theses cold months and this lip balm is just such a pleasure to use. The packaging is so luxe and the product itself leaves my lips so hydrated. This comes in 14 different shades and gives the most natural tint to the lips, as if you have just eaten berries. It is such an easy alternative to wearing lipstick if you’re a student or want a more natural lip.


I have used this stuff for years and it is so necessary everytime I paint my nails, I don’t like to paint my nails without it! The Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat is a miracle. People always ask me if I have shellac but its really just this…It makes any nail polish have that “gel” finish and shine, not to mention it helps your nail polish dry SO fast. If you like the “seche-vite” top coat you’d love this one too.



I always stole this product from my mom until she bought it for me for Christmas this past year..The MUFE Sens’Eyes Makeup remover is so good. It works really well and doesn’t sting my eyes (unless you use a ton, directly in your eye lol caution). It lasts super long and is super gentle on the eyes.



This product snuck up on me this month and I have been using it almost everyday. The MAC Eye Kohl crayon in “Costa Riche” is an oldie but a goodie. The reason I have been grabbing this pencil over my other ones is the colour of this brown. It is so unique and has the most subtle red undertones which looks incredible on blue eyes. The formulation is so creamy and so easy to use.


A fashion favourite for me this month have been these Steve Madden Booties. They are such an easy pair of little black boots that go with everything. The heels is small so they are super comfy, and the suede is very versatile. The go with everything and I will be wearing these into the summer months with skirts and dresses too! Very self explanatory, everyone needs a good pair of black boots.



I have been debating buying this perfume for such a long time but I have no regrets about it. The Dior Hypnotic Poison Perfume has been my favourite for January. It is such a unique scent. The scent profile is “bitter almond, cinnamon, vanilla, musk, jasmine…etc” making it sweet but also a little smokey and sensual. When I wear it/use it I feel like such a classy lady. I am also really impressed at how long this scent lasts. It has lasted me entire nights out dancing without reapplying.

Those have been my favourite things over the month of January! Let me know fi you’ve tried any of these/what are your January favourites?? xx, Kristen.

Products Mentioned: 






You can buy the Sally Hansen top coat at Shoppers Drug Mart or any drug store :)) 


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